Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Infeasible Game - Level editor

Here is a picture of the tool I use to create the levels. I produced it quickly so the tiles on the main grid are letters rather than the actual tile images. If I can be bothered I'll fix this but at the moment the tool is fine for creating and editing the levels.

The level data is output in a format I can past into my assembler. One byte is used for each tile. This byte holds the type of tile, its vertical position and whether there are other tiles in the same column. It also holds some other details that I'll be keeping to myself :)

The tool is a winform application written using C#.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The infeasible game - new for 2015

I've almost finished another game for the ZX Spectrum. This will be two games in twelve months. A first for me. It is based on "The Impossible Game" which can be played on mobile devices and PC. I decided the Spectrum needed a version so I created "The Infeasible Game". Here is a short video taken from the first level (the easy bit). It is also running at "easy" speed. Give it a go on infeasible speed if you want a challenge.