Monday, 18 April 2011

mountain biking on tarmac

Whilst enjoying a bit of mountain biking at the weekend, I decided to film a short section of tarmac downhill. The previous week I saw a similar video on youTube but the cyclist crashed spectacularly at the bottom of the hill. I filmed my video using a rubbish phone camera so the resolution isn’t very good. It got a bit extreme near the bottom of the hill as I was riding with just one hand on the handlebars and concerned that vehicles may have been coming from behind or in the middle of the road coming at me… Fortunately I managed to complete the ride without any incidents.

Friday, 18 March 2011

DevWeek 2011

Just back from DevWeek. Three days of quality speakers this time round. Now to put everything I've learnt in to practice. Here are a couple of pictures from the keynote and an excellent session by Ingo Rammer.

This picture was taken from level four of the Barbican. Those stairs are a killer when you start at level -1 !

London wouldn't be London without someone squeezing in another tower block.

Please note that these images were taken on a rather nasty phone camera. Images of London and other places taken by me with a quality camera can be seen here: My Flicker Images

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Games for 2011?

Well here we are in 2011. I’d like to say I have big plans for writing some retro games this year but I bet I won’t have much in the way of free time. For years now I’ve been wanting to rewrite Virgin Atlantic Challenge, the game I wrote for the Spectrum at least 25 years ago. I’d like to do it with proper 3D models but that looks to be a beast of a project. More likely is my “Dave the dog” game which I started writing in Delphi. I wasn’t happy with the structure of the classes so I may start again but use XNA and the .net framework. Starting again won’t be as bad as it sounds as a lot of the code I wrote already exists in XNA so no extra work to be done there. The map data and graphics already exist so they too can just slot in. I’d like to get a small demo up and running to get some feedback. Only time will tell how it pans out, so watch this space.

You’ve got no history.......

New years day was spent recovering from the night before. What better place to do this than by watching my local football team play in sub-zero conditions. My local team is Harlow Town who regularly get beaten by Enfield. This year we held them to a 2-2 draw so hopefully next time we’ll beat them.

New years eve down the pub

New years eve outside the White Horse in Newport (in Essex not Wales). It didn’t take long for me to realise that the camera on my phone was not up to the job. Must take a proper camera next year.