Friday, 6 June 2008

Its Dave the dog

A few months ago a private joke amongst my family and friends got me thinking about a game I started for the Amstrad over 20 years ago. It was based on a dog walking around a town doing jobs etc. This reawakening of a distant memory has inspired me to start it again but this time for the PC. Once its completed I'd like to write it for the Amstrad and Spectrum computers. The main character is called "Dave the dog". He is based on the dog that appears in the first (and possibly the second) Jack the nipper game.

By using my game library code I quickly got Dave controllable and a mad granny bouncing off the edges of the screen. I have created a map of locations and have a reasonably good idea for the story line. I just need some help with the graphics and plenty of time to get it done. I'll post more screenshots as I progress.

Cavern Fighter 2 is on hold for the moment as I was finding it difficult to get motivated with it. I'll revisit the code in the future.