Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Map editor almost finished

The map editor is now almost done. I just need to sort out how to save all the levels in one big block of data (XML). At the moment it just handles one level although the code is in place to deal with as many as I can design. I also need to add an export function so that the data can be created in a format suitable for my game. I could use the editor's XML but I don't want my game to have to know how to handle XML and a custom data format would be smaller and more secure.

The next job will be to design some decent graphics ! As you can see from the screen dump, there aren't many graphics at the moment and they don't look too inspiring. If anyone want to help out with designing some tiles, please contact me.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Cavern Fighter 2 - Map Editor

I've recently started work on a map editor for my new game (Cavern Fighter 2). Some of the game code has been completed but I have now got to a stage where I need some test data to display the cave walls. The old map editor did its job well enough but after designing hundreds of screens it soon highlighted some shortcomings. I decided to rectify those problems by designing a new editor from scratch. This application also makes good use of my "Games Library" and has helped me to add some extra functionality to it. Shown below is a screen shot of the editor. It still needs a little more work but its much nicer to use.