Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A week at London

Too much to do at home and at work so no time to work on my games. The next few months look to be even busier so I don’t expect to get much work done on my “Dave the Dog” game. I have been able to fix the code so I can now walk between multiple screens. I had to add extra data to the XML document to handle the different entry points as Dave moves between screens. On the plus side, my company has just employed a graphic artist so I’ll have to ask him if he’ll be interested in drawing a few graphics for me. Next week I’ll be at Dev Week in London. If your going then may be I’ll see you there. The short train journey into London should give me time to plan the next stage of the game. I’m thinking of writing the code to collect, drop and use items. These items will be placed “randomly” so I’ll need to plan how I’m going to do this and how to keep track of the items as I drop or use them.