Friday, 23 April 2010

Another year gone

Well, I’ve been a bit slack when it comes to writing on my blog. A year has gone past and I’ve been very busy but with the day job and not the fun stuff. All my projects have been put on hold and I only found a little bit of time to create a new website. I have big plans but will struggle to fit it all in. With the release of dot net 4 and Visual Studio 2010 I’m currently waiting for the new release of the XNA framework. I plan to use this as my development environment as it fits in with my paid work. As much as I enjoy using Delphi, I just don’t use it at work anymore and find it difficult to continually swap between this and C#. If you haven’t visited my new website yet then pop along and take a look. It’s still work-in-progress so some of the features don’t work yet. I’ll be adding items as I get time, some of which may well be Silverlight. I will also try to get some more blog entries finished before the end of the month. These will outline what I plan for the last two quarters of the year.