Thursday, 20 March 2008

DevWeek 2008

I've recently got back from this years DevWeek held in London ( This event was biased towards Microsoft products so wasn't really relevant to any Delphi programmers. Obviously as most of it was .net related I guess you could implement some of the technology using Delphi for .net. Now that I'm back at work and no longer have the "fun" of standing on a train as it meanders its way in to Liverpool street station, I can get back to some fun stuff. Over the next few weeks I'll have less spare time as new work projects will take up all my time. The company I work for will be concentrating their efforts using the new MS products. So it'll be less Delphi and more C# along with Silverlight and AJAX. All interesting stuff but I'll still be looking at my games as a break from managed code.