Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dual band transceiver

My latest new toy. I bought myself a handheld dual band transceiver that covers the 2m and 70cm bands. All I have to do now is interpret the Chinese inspired manual to get it working with the local repeaters. Now I can stay in touch, wherever I am.

Friday, 13 April 2012

DevWeek 2012

Another good set of sessions at DevWeek this year. Picked up loads of programming tips. Hope next year might have a track on programming the Raspberry Pi but I think that's probably as likely as a track on assembler :)

Had a good in depth look at Windows 8 and the new visual studio. I think Windows 8 will be good for home / phone users but I can see large companies being happy about the way the UI works with apps and normal Windows legacy applications. Only time will tell if this is Microsoft’s new “Vista”.

The Barbican in London is a great location and the sun was out all week. Here is a picture of a couple of my work colleagues enjoying the sun after some dark sessions in “the pit”. Looking forward to next year.

Pro Kart racing at Rye House

When I’m not writing games in my spare time, I take my son kart racing. Here he is at the second round of the Junior GP Championship at Rye House. This round was incredibly wet with almost continuous rain throughout all three sessions and the final race. My son did very well considering he had never raced in the wet before. These Pro Karts were running slick tyres in the rain, on a track that had standing water. Power slides were the best way to tackle the corners. Here is a picture of my son in second place after exiting the last hairpin. At the end of this year’s season I hope to invest in a kart of our own. My son will then be old enough for us to race in the Pro Kart endurance series where we will share the kart for three hour long races.