Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Dave the Dog lives...

I've been a bit quiet recently as the day job has sapped all my time. To make matters worse I got a virus that was so bad I had to format my drive and re-install Windows ! I lost some code as well as time which was depressing. To try to cheer myself up I had a quick look at my "Dave the dog" game and even found time to create a short video of the basics. I resized the "granny" sprite as the last post showed her a little too small (or was Dave too big?). Anyway, this video shows Dave walking about under the control of the keyboard and the granny is controlled by the computer. If I'd captured more video you would have seen that she bounces off the sides of the screen and changes direction. [NB: This video has now been removed. See the more up to date video in a more recent blog entry.] Currently this is written in Delphi but I am very tempted to produce an XNA version using C#. I may well develop both simultaneously just to see if I can fry my brain. From now on I'll be storing my code in different places so that if I get another virus I won't loose my data.

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